Legality Day at commemorating Giovanni Falcone

Legality Day at commemorating Giovanni Falcone

Last week at school our Y5 and Y6 children worked on a beautiful project to remember and commemorate Giovanni Falcone and his legacy, on the occasion of Legality day, celebrated in Italy on the anniversary of the Capaci bombing.



A multidisciplinary approach allowed our pupils to work with their teachers on the same topic in different subjects (Italian, History, PSHEE, Music). They learnt the importance of always pursuing justice, even if it takes courage to stand up for one’s beliefs.



After reading the book “Per questo mi chiamo Giovanni” (Luigi Garlando, Rizzoli Editore) and discovering more about Judge Falcone and his life, each child wrote a message which hopefully will be taken to Palermo over the summer to be displayed on the Falcone tree.




At the end of this intense journey, the children performed the song “Pensa”, written by Fabrizio Moro to pay homage to the heroes who sacrificed their lives in the struggle against the Mafia.

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