Pastoral Care

We are a listening school and central to our pastoral care policy is the belief that all children have the right to start and end the day in a happy frame of mind.

You can read our Pastoral Care Code of Practice here.

Rules are kept to a minimum and aim to ensure the safety and happiness of the children while they are in school. 

  • Children are expected to respect the teaching staff, other adults in the school community, their fellow pupils and property.
  • It is expected that the children will be attentive, well behaved and hard working in the classroom. Kindness, courtesy and consideration for others are highly valued and positively reinforced by all members of staff.
  • Mistakes are part of the learning process. We understand poor behaviour as a mistake which can be rectified. We don’t make a judgement about it – instead we support the children to get it right knowing that practice improves performance.

We want our school to be a safe and trusting environment where children are encouraged and inspired to become confident, fulfilled and resilient individuals.

  • Our Wellbeing Programme is integrated into student life at our school and we have a full-time Wellbeing Supervisor on site.
  • Daily check-ins are an important part of the pastoral care that we offer. Every morning the teacher will check-in with all children in a dedicated circle time.
  • We also have a Wellbeing Committee made up of teachers and children which is charged with promoting the wellbeing of the whole school community through specific projects, such as the Box of Worries where children can leave a message, anonymous or not, sharing their concerns or their frustrations.
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All agencies involved in the care of minors have as their ultimate aim the welfare of children in their care and this is also the priority for all the people working in the school.

We expect all staff, governors, volunteers and visitors to share this commitment to safeguarding our pupils.

We listen actively to our pupils, parents and staff and take seriously what they tell us. No concern is too small and all school staff are trained in Child Protection. Children are made aware that they can talk to any adult if they have any concerns. 

To read our regulation on the Protection of Minors click here.

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