Our Awards

We work extremely hard at SIAL.school to ensure that our children are provided with the best possible education in a setting which actively promotes equality, diversity, inclusion and sustainability.

We are very proud to share with you the range of awards and achievements that we have gained over time. 

Gold Equalities Award

The Equalities Award provides support and guidance for schools to effectively promote equality, diversity and inclusion and allows schools to showcase their commitment to equality.
The school has achieved its Gold Equalities Award by EqualiTeach in 2021.
The school has an EDI committee that includes teachers, teaching assistants, governors and non teaching staff. Meetings take place twice a term with an agenda which underline topics and ideas to be discussed and an action plan and minutes to follow. All members of the EDI committee contribute to sharing and involving the whole school in proposing and collecting ideas and passing information. Children and teachers, from all year groups, are invited to present displays and projects from the curricula connected with the topics and not only chosen by the EDI committee.

Eco-school, Green Flag Award

In 2022 we achieved the Green Flag Award for all our work towards becoming a sustainable, environmental and eco-friendly community and taking positive action to protect and preserve our planet. We are very proud to be an Eco-friendly school.

Every year we have a new group of children who are selected by their peers to represent them as their Eco Committee representative. The Eco Committee meets regularly to discuss initiatives and competitions that they can take part in at school and in the community to promote Eco-friendly awareness.

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Better Energy School Awards

We are incredibly proud that, thanks to the hard work of our ECO-Committee and all our children, we have won two awards from the Better Energy School Awards; one with our ‘Christmas tree contest 2020’ and one with our ‘Renewable energy’ project.


Gold Stars from TFL

In recognition of our successful School Travel Plan (STP) and our commitment to reducing car use and increasing sustainable travel, we have received the Gold STARS Awards from TfL’s. 

We are also very proud and excited to be currently supporting and working with:

Think Equal (https://thinkequal.org/) – we are currently taking part in the UK’s first pilot for Think Equal’s brilliant Social and Emotional Learning EYFS programme (SIAL.school also hosted and supported the training of the teachers involved with the pilot)

Show Racism the Red Card (https://www.theredcard.org/) helping to spread anti-racism awareness across the UK

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