Our Partners

The main objective of SIAL.school is to create an Italian school which is fully integrated with the British context in which it operates.

The Italian Institutions

We work in partnership with all the Italian institutions in London, which also actively participate in our school life and development, from H.E. the Italian Ambassador, who is one of the Patrons of the Charity that runs the school, to the Italian Cultural Institute and the Italian Bookshop, with whom we organise several cultural events, to the Consulate General of Italy, and especially its Educational Department, who support us in the implementation of the Italian side of our curriculum.

Our local community

Being a bi-lingual, bi-curricular school, it is fundamental for us to build a positive relationship with our local community to create a bridge between the Italian community and the context within which we live and operate.

We work very closely with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, which helps to foster the development of our school and supports us in the implementation of the English side of our curriculum through the Local Education Authority.

We also involve the local community in our school life, by organising outings to local facilities, i.e. the Fire Station, or by inviting key people of the local community, i.e. police officers, the Mayor of the Council and our local MP to visit the school to talk to the children.

SIAL.school is proud to engage and work in partnership with our friends and partners who share our vision of promoting the Italian language and culture in the UK: