How to Apply

Thank you for considering our school for your child.

Applications to join our bilingual primary school and nursery are accepted throughout the year for entry into any year group.
Most children join in September, but we are happy to admit students throughout the year provided that we have places available. This is called in-year admission. If this is your case, please contact the Admissions Office directly.

If you need further information about our school, there are plenty of opportunities throughout the year: book a call with our Admissions Office, schedule a meeting with our Headteacher, attend an Open Day, arrange a private tour, book a taster day for your child.

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To apply for admission the first thing to do is to register your child with us.
Registration can be made any time after the child’s birth. Application deadline for the school year 2025-2026 is December 2024.
There may be places available after the deadline, so should you be interested in enrolling your child please get in touch with the Admissions Office anytime throughout the year.

You will be asked to pay a £100 non-refundable registration fee. The registration fee covers administrative costs only and does not guarantee a place in the school.

Once the registration form and registration fee have been received, you will be informed whether the registration has been accepted and your child will be placed on our registration list in the relevant academic year and class (please see our Admissions Code of Practice).

If the relevant class is already full, your child will be added to our waiting list.
Both our registration list and waiting list are ordered according to the date of registration, i.e. when both the form and payment have been received.

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Places are normally offered at the beginning of the December before entry, when the formal offer letters and relevant forms are sent to those who are on our registration list – i.e. for a place in September 2025, the forms would be sent at the beginning of December 2024.

Places are allocated prioritising siblings and in order of declaration of interest.

To secure the place, you are requested to return the forms with a copy of your child’s identification (passport or birth certificate) and a deposit of £1,500 by the end of the following January – i.e. for a place in September 2025, by the end of January 2025.

Please note that if the deadlines are missed, and full documentation and payment are not provided on time, the offer will be withdrawn. If there are still places available once all deposits have been received, offers are made to those on the waiting list until the classes are full.

The deposit is refunded when the pupil leaves the school, provided a full term’s notice has been received and all outstanding accounts have been settled.

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