Welcome to our bilingual school

SIAL.school is the only English/Italian bilingual and bi-curricular primary school with nursery in the UK.

Children from 3 to 11 benefit from tailored lesson plans in a safe and nurturing learning environment, in the heart of London.
Our independent school and nursery are based in West London, Holland Park (W11 4UH).

Our Unicity

  • With small classes and a bespoke approach, our nursery and primary school are recognised by both the British and Italian governments and integrate the Italian Curriculum with the British education system
  • SIAL.school welcomes families of all nationalities who appreciate the advantages of a bilingual and bicultural education which prepares their children to embrace the world with open minds and curiosity
  • The school is based on the principle that a successful education must be built on a partnership between teachers and parents and carers. We encourage strong links between home and school to support our common goal of ensuring that each child feels secure, valued and happy while at school and is able to succeed
  • We want to create a safe and nurturing learning environment where students are encouraged to fulfill their personal and academic potential
  • It is our intention that children should leave SIAL.school with a strong academic foundation, combined with self-esteem and confidence in their abilities and social skills, ready to continue their educational journey in the UK, in Italy or in international schools with remarkable results

Letter from our Headteacher

"We believe that children should be seen and heard. We want our pupils to feel that they belong to a vibrant and caring community which celebrates and empowers their uniqueness.

Walking through our classrooms you will see smiles, excitement and joy on our pupils' faces: we trust that feeling happy, supported and respected at school is crucial for succeeding both academically and emotionally.

We are compelled to ensure that each child in our care is supported at their pace, challenged at their level but also inspired within and beyond their frame of reference. We seek to succeed in this through small, but frequent, attentive and positive steps – enlightened by reflection, steeled by doing the right thing at the right time and humbled by each child’s journey as a citizen of the world and of the future."
Ines Saltalamacchia
Ines Saltalamacchia

Vision and Values

Your child is unique, so is our school.

We want to create a safe and nurturing learning environment where children are encouraged to fulfill their personal and academic potential. We aim to inspire a passion for knowledge as well as stimulating the personal interests and abilities of each student.