Outdoor Learning

Children are happier, healthier and learn better when they have regular opportunities to learn and play outdoors.

Outdoor education calls for collaboration and team building work and boosts confidence, motivation and concentration.

Curriculum-linked outdoor learning is a regular part of our practice here at SIAL.school. Our pupils enjoy outdoor activities along with their teachers, exploring and connecting with nature and spending time regularly outside the classroom.

Outdoor Provision

Our Outdoor Provision

  • Patio available for all year groups for playtime and outdoor classes
  • Terrace available for EYFS used as an extension of the learning environment. This includes a planting and growing area, a mini-library, sand and water play and Messy play areas, including a mud kitchen
Outdoor Provision
Outdoor Activities

Our Outdoor Activities

  • Outdoor classes on the patio or at the local park
  • PE sessions at the local park for all year groups every week
  • Forest school for EYFS and KS1 where pupils are encouraged to use their five senses to explore the natural world, stimulating their imagination and sparking their sense of wonder
  • Educational Outings for all year groups, at least two per term, linked to specific topics covered in class to bring our bilingual curriculum to life