School Uniform

Our pupils are ambassadors for the school and we expect them to wear their uniform with pride, kindly supported by their parents.

Our uniform is designed to be practical and flexible.
Children are expected to wear the correct uniform and are encouraged to take pride in their appearance. They are also encouraged to choose from within the relevant uniform the clothing they feel most comfortable wearing regardless of their sex, whether this be trousers, shorts or dresses.

All school uniforms can be ordered from ACE clothing.

ACE offers a delivery service to the school on the 1st Thursday of every month during term time or you can order it to be delivered to your home or place of work. You can also go to their warehouse in Wembley to collect. 

Uniform Policy

Parents and Carers are kindly asked to please ensure that:

  • Their child wears the correct school uniform
  • All school uniform items are clearly labelled with the child’s name – personalised name labels can be ordered from ACE Clothing
  • All of the child’s uniform accessories (hair bands, gloves, scarves etc.) must complement the school colours
  • Shoes/trainers must be black
  • Socks/tights must be navy blue
  • Children with long hair should have it tied back so that it does not fall over their faces when they are working.  This is also the most effective way yet found to prevent the spread of ‘nits’
  • The only jewellery worn (if any) is a small pair of stud earrings and/or a religious symbol on a plain chain
  • Watches (if you wish for your child to wear a watch) are only worn by children who can tell the time and they must not be set to bleep
  • On days when the class’ Physical Education (P.E.) lessons are timetabled, children should come to school dressed in the school’s P.E. uniform.

For a direct link to purchase the uniform click here.