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SIAL.school is an Independent school run by a Charity (Reg. Charity n.1119966) which aims to keep our fees at the minimum level required to cover the running costs of the school.

Our fees


In light of the difficult times we are all having to address due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Board of Trustees has taken action and decided to freeze our fees for two years in a row.  Fees for the school year 2021-2022 were confirmed as follows:

Per YearPer Term
EYFS (Nursery)£14,000 £4,666.67
EYFS (Reception)£14,000£4,666.67
KS1 & 2 (Years 1-6)£15,700 £5,233.34


The School reserves the right to change the fees. A full term’s notice will be given.



Sibling Discounts:
• 15% for the first sibling
• 30% for the second sibling

Both sibling discounts to be applied to the fees of the youngest child.



Applications to join us in September 2022 are now open.


If you are considering enrolling your child into our bilingual English/Italian school but have doubts and would like some reassurance and answers to your questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Admissions Office, book a private tour or a taster day to get a real feel for the school and our approach.





The mission of SIAL.school is to offer our unique bilingual and bi-curricular education to all children, regardless of their social and economic background, so we have set up an effective means-tested bursary scheme for all year groups.
Find out more.


Monthly payment option:
In order to take into consideration the varying circumstances of our Parents/Carers, we also offer a Monthly Payment Option via standing order for paying our fees. Please note that this payment option is offered with an additional cost of £50 per term (£150 per year) per child. Please ask the School Office for further information.





We can accept children’s vouchers in part payment of our fees. Please ask the School office for further details.





We are part of the Minimum Funding Entitlement (MFE) scheme of the local Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. This means that our children aged 3 and 4 are funded automatically by the Royal local education authority for 15 hours per week. Please ask the School office for further details.