Parent Association

The school is one of the first places where children genuinely experience a sense of community. It is therefore essential that the school acts as a meeting place, promoting a sense of belonging and participation within the school itself and in connection with the families and the local area. 

At the cooperation between school and family is the pivot around which all revolves.

Only through a close collaboration can we best understand each child’s individuality and specific needs so as to most efficiently support their learning.
For this reason we have an Open Door policy for our parents /carers and they are very welcome to come in to discuss any suggestions, questions or concerns with the school staff.

Our Parent Association plays a vital role in school life.

Our Parent Association (PA) supports the school with proposals, ideas, fundraisers and projects to improve its services and to support educational activities.

It meets periodically, with or without school staff (as needed), to discuss any concerns, make suggestions and implement initiatives in order  to improve the services of the school and to consistently support it.

The PA promotes the dialogue between school staff and our pupils’ families, but also provides opportunities for social interaction and communication outside the school, involving prospective parents and the wider Italian/British community.

Our Parent Association

The Association is a not-for-profit organisation; the chair, secretary and treasurer are elected annually.
All parents can enrol and are invited to get involved.

To register or for information, please contact the Parent Association by writing to
For further details download the Parent Association Constitution.

Our Parent Association is working very hard to promote initiatives and events open to the public, supporting our mission and making the school known across the Italian and international families in London. 
If you would like to know more or attend the upcoming events, do not hesitate to drop them an email.