Holocaust Memorial Day 2021

Holocaust Memorial Day 2021


Last week, on the occasion of Holocaust Memorial Day our teachers planned several activities to enable our pupils to learn about what happened 80 years ago while encouraging them to write their own stories in both English and Italian.


At our bilingual school, the coverage of our unique curriculum is shared between the Italian and English speaking teachers according to the learning area requirements and the children’s needs. Each learning objective covered in the Italian language is later reinforced and covered in the English language and vice versa.


Y3 and Y4 children were asked to create a postcard picturing themselves suddenly forced to leave their home and say goodbye to their friends. An exceptional chance to use their imagination, practice empathy and work on beautiful pieces of writing.


A selection of their beautiful writing in English is shown below.


Holocaust Memorial Day activities in English


Y5 and Y6 children read some pages from Anne Frank’s diary and worked together with their teachers to explore this literary genre.


A diary can be an extraordinary source to investigate an historical period and gives us the unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in the thoughts and feelings of the author.


What would we have done? What would we have thought?


After this intense exercise, the children were asked to write a page of their own diary in Italian and put down on paper the challenges they are dealing with at the moment.


F. reflected on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on his life and hopes that his diary will help him remember the old normal while waiting for the storm to pass.


Holocaust Memorial Day activities in Italian



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