Workshop with Nicoletta Costa

Workshop with Nicoletta Costa

We had the tremendous pleasure of welcoming Nicoletta Costa to SIAL, where she ran a workshop with our Reception and KS1 children.


Nicoletta is one of the most famous Italian writers and illustrators of children’s books. Who doesn’t know of some of her beloved characters, such as the Nuvola Olga, Giulio Coniglio and Strega Teodora?


Nicoletta explained to the children what her work involves and how she creates her characters. Then she taught them how to draw one of her most popular creations, Giulio Coniglio!

Look at the beautiful drawings that the children made during the workshop!!!

We thank Nicoletta most sincerely for this wonderful opportunity – such a unique experience – and, who knows, maybe some of them will follow in her footsteps in the future!

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