Happy Learning at SIAL.school: learning through experience

Happy Learning at SIAL.school: learning through experience

In more recent times, it has become common practice for teachers to integrate more active learning techniques in the classroom.


At SIAL.school we are strongly committed to encouraging children to discover, explore, create and think for themselves when they approach a new topic in any subject we teach in English and Italian.


On the occasion of COP26, we talked about our planet and the difference we can make, during our Science, Geography, Italian and English classes.


Children in Y4 also had the opportunity to do some real science experiments to better understand why and how CO2 emissions contribute to global warming and climate change.


Ingrid: “I was surprised to see with my eyes the reaction between vinegar and bicarbonate of soda”


Viola: “I loved the experiment because it showed what could happen to our planet Earth”


Learning through experience helps children make sense of the world around them and by engaging their emotions it enhances their knowledge and skills.


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