Giovanni Falcone Anniversary
May 23rd marked the 27th anniversary of Giovanni Falcone. 70,000 students participated in the event #PalermoChiamaItalia to put an end to the mafia regime and to remember the attack in which the judges Giovanni Falcone, Francesca Morvillo and their escort agents, died in. We would like to remember the initiative of the Year 5 students  (coordinated by their teacher Stefano Nero) who conducted an interview with Palermo natives and SIAL chefs Paolo Solazzo and Jenny Randazzo on the topic.
Responding to the children’s questions, our chefs, have drawn a detailed picture of the climate in Palermo in those years.
In addition, the children made a poster which, along with others, was put on the Falcone tree outside the judge’s house. The tree was planted in remembrance, as a symbol of the rebellion against the Mafia and to show a united Sicily.

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