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SIAL is a full-time bilingual, bicultural and bicurricular Italian and English School with:

EYFS (Nursery and Reception)

PRIMARY SCHOOL (KS1 & KS2: Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4 and Y5)

We are fully recognised by the Italian Ministry for Education as well as by Ofsted.

We strongly believe that being bilingual does not simply mean being able to communicate perfectly in two languages but that it also encourages the development of a more open and mature way of thinking.

Bilingualism and a broader cultural background are cornerstones in today’s world of cultural diversity. The aim of SIAL is to create an Italian school which is fully integrated with the British context in which it operates.

SIAL is a school which integrates the Italian Curriculum, internationally recognised as the great strength of the Italian school system, with the best aspects of the British education system. Students at SIAL benefit from a wider and more complete education which combines Italian and British cultures, the values of which prepare them to deal with the complexities of the world in which they live.


The school is based on the principle that a successful education must be built on a partnership between teachers and parents and carers. We encourage strong links between home and school to support our common goal of ensuring that each child feels secure, valued and happy while at school and is able to succeed.


We want to create a safe and nurturing learning environment where students are encouraged to fulfill their personal and academic potential. 


We inspire a passion for knowledge in general as well as stimulating the personal interests and abilities of each student. The school promotes self-discipline whilst encouraging freedom of thought and creativity.


It is our intention that children should leave SIAL with a strong academic foundation, combined with the self-esteem and confidence in their abilities and social skills that will ensure that they are fully prepared for the exciting challenges ahead.

Our Nursery (EYFS) and Primary School (KS1 & KS2: Y1, Y2, Y3 Y4 and Y5) have a completely bilingual, bicultural and bicurricular curriculum in which the norms given by the Italian Ministry of Education are integrated with the English National Curriculum, in order to allow the children to move freely into either the Italian or the British school system.

Classes have a maximum of 20 children in Nursery and 16 children in all other classes