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At SIAL each child is allocated a House to which they and their siblings belong throughout their time at the school.

The aim is for the children to enjoy a sense of camaraderie and unified purpose as a consequence – to experience the rewards and responsibility of supporting and representing a group larger than themselves, their House.

There are four Houses, named after famous Italians, all chosen after discussion with the staff to represent areas of learning and who have made significant contributions to the world in which we live. Each House is also associated with a given colour:

• Da Vinci (blue)

• Verdi (green)

• Montessori (yellow)

• Dante (red)

What do we wish to see? What do we want our children to be?


We understand and appreciate that each of the children, and in a significant variety of ways, will make a positive contribution to school life and that such behaviour should be recognised and rewarded. As a result we have developed a programme aimed at evolving and maintaining a culture of consistent, transparent and rewarding positive reinforcement; a programme which feeds directly into the house system.


This begins with the regular giving of Stars (as well as stamps and stickers) which equate to house points. These are recorded for each child, class and house. Stars are used to incentivise, reward and reinforce good behaviour or performance, i.e. for an excellent piece of work, exceptional behaviour, being helpful within the class, exceeding assessment criteria etc..

The following are also announced and celebrated during our Weekly Assemblies and in our Weekly Bulletin:


5-star Award for the week’s ‘what we wish to see’ theme for the children as individuals, i.e. kindness, co-operation, respect, self-discipline etc.. These themes were initially voted upon by the staff body. The winning children from each class are decided by their class teacher, with the reasons for the receipt of the award discussed at each Assembly.

Class Cup for the week’s ‘what we wish to see’ theme for the children as a class, i.e. behaviour, helpfulness, tidiness etc.. These themes were initially voted upon by the staff body and the winning class is decided by the Senior Leadership Team.
Star of the Week: the children with the highest number of stars earned for each house in each class.
Star Totals for the Week for each house.


These rewards – along with Weekly Golden Time, which is ‘earned’ during the week and the content and format decided by each class and their respective teacher – are complemented by additional celebrations and roles and responsibilities so as to further enhance the potency of this programme, namely those of Head Girl and Head Boy, House Captain and so on, all for the children and voted for by the children.

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Parent Say

I take this opportunity to thank SIAL for these beautiful 5 years in which our children have been able to fully immerse themselves in the English language and culture, not neglecting the importance of knowing the basics of their mother tongue.

Y3 and Y5 Parents