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The school is one of the first places where children genuinely experience a sense of community.

It is therefore essential that the school acts as a meeting place, promoting a sense of belonging and participation within the school itself and in connection with the families and the local area.

The school aims to promote a sense of community through the setting of the class as a group and the promotion of cooperation among its members, encouraging mutual support, collaborative learning, peer learning groups and teamwork with pupils of different ages and classes (for example, through the school’s House system).


All teachers and pupils are aware that learning is not only an individual process, but that the community dimension of learning also plays a significant role. Individual levels of commitment and achievement are valued and rewarded, but in a relaxed and non-competitive atmosphere, which strives towards common goals and shared successes.



At SIAL the cooperation between school and family is the pivot around which all revolves.
It is in the interest of the child that an educational alliance be founded on constant communication which recognises the respective roles and the mutual support of both.


The quality of the relationship between the school and the family has a strong influence on the academic success of the pupils and their level of performance. Only through close collaboration between school and family can we best understand each child’s individuality and specific needs so as to most efficiently support their learning.


Our Parents Association plays a vital role in school life. It meets periodically, with or without the school staff (as needed), to discuss any concerns, make suggestions and implement initiatives so as to improve the services of the school and to consistently support the teaching.
We have an Open Door policy for our parents /carers and they are very welcome to come in to discuss any suggestions, questions, concerns with the school staff.



The main objective of SIAL is to create an Italian school which is fully integrated with the British context in which it operates.


Being a bi-lingual, bi-curricular school, it is fundamental for us to build a positive relationship with our local community to create a bridge between the Italian community and the city which hosts us.


We work very closely with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, which helps to foster the development of our school and supports us in the implementation of the English side of our curriculum through the Local Education Authority.


We also involve the local community in our school life, by organising outings to local facilities, i.e. the Fire Station, or inviting key people of the local community, i.e. police officers, the Mayor of the Council and the local MP to visit the school to talk to the children.


Equally, we naturally work in partnership with all the Italian institutions in London, which also actively participate in our school life and development, from H.E. Italian Ambassador, who is one of the Patrons of the Charity behind the school, to the Italian Cultural Institute and the Italian Bookshop, with whom we have organised several cultural events, to the Consulate General of Italy, and especially its Educational Department, who guide us in the implementation of the Italian side of our curriculum.

Back to school!

Back to school!

It’s school time again! Wednesday, September 5th Sial students went back to school. Welcome back!   From early on in the day, a sea of blue bags crowded the area in front of the school.       There were many smiling faces and hugs after an entire summer away and parents and carers excited for their children’s first day of school. Then the doors of the school opened and the Head Teachers welcomed the students.     Going back to school can make children excited and nervous at the same time. They’re probably feeling sad that Summer is over....

Open House London 2018

Open House London 2018

This year SIAL joins the Open House weekend!   Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd September, anyone interested in taking a tour at the school, can book a visit on the London Open House official website.   During the weekend, the school will be open from 1pm to 5pm.   There is also the exclusive opportunity to take an Architect-led tour with Tiziano Massarutto, director of the school renovation project for Jt Lab. Limited availability.   London Open House is totally FREE!