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At SIAL music, art, drama and physical education are very important.

Music is a huge part of our school life and is taught by a specialist teacher as a class subject to every child from Nursery.


Through musical activities the children develop their confidence to express their creativity, empathy and personality.


Classroom activities focus on performing, listening and learning about the key elements of music.


All the children are encouraged to explore and expand their abilities in the vocal, rhythmic and instrumental areas and to learn to express and develop their ideas using music much as they do drawing or movement.
In Year 2 all the children learn to play the recorder and thus start to learn musical annotation.


From Year 1 we also offer individual tuition on a variety of instruments, such as piano, violin, recorder, flute and guitar.

Art is taught by a specialist teacher.


Children are exposed to a wide variety of materials and techniques in order to give them the opportunity to discover their own potential. Projects are structured to allow children of varying abilities to be confident and achieve success.


The main objectives is for the children to acquire practical skills, develop a love of creating and to learn to express their own creativity and individuality.

We seek to develop each child’s Physical Literacy; namely the techniques, knowledge, self-awareness and instincts which will best aid the enjoyment, fluency, and efficiency with which they contribute to a wide variety of sporting experiences, regardless of the level of competition.


This ethos is mainly pursued via a series of small and large group games, exercises and opportunities which, with evolving variations in rules and expectations, require the children to consistently adapt their approach – increasing the capability and flexibility of their responses – in order to succeed.


These become increasingly competitive once the fundamental understanding is sufficiently secure and the children are ready to respond to the demands and pressures that greater degrees of competition can bring.


Above all we strive to provide a broad, balanced and inclusive programme to develop self-esteem, cooperation and the fundamental skills required so that, healthy, informed, aware and resourceful, our children may successfully lead physically active and rewarding lives.


Swimming classes are arranged for students in Years 2 to 5.

Drama is an integral part of the school curriculum and is taught from Reception to the end of Primary School by a specialist teacher.


So as to best serve the children’s ongoing development and to provide fertile foundations for whichever life they ultimately pursue, the emphasis here is on enjoyment, team work and developing skills that provide fullfilment, promote self-confidence and discipline and enrich each child’s appreciation for the magic and potential of their imaginations.


The drama teacher works closely with individual class teachers to support, complement and extend the core curriculum. Creative movement, speaking skills and improvisation as well as a sense of audience and timing are all developed and with increasing degrees of experimentation and expected versatility as the children work their way through the school.



Every year the children are provided with several opportunities to exhibit their understanding and skills during more formal performances, not least during a whole school production; which brings together a broad range of learning areas and requirements from Dance and Art and Design to English, Italian, History, Geography and others, depending on the themes of the production.