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Our Scuola Secondaria di Primo Grado (SSI) offers a bilingual and intercultural education.

The curriculum is mainly the Italian National Curriculum, but a greater emphasis is given to English in order to prepare our children to move into both the Italian and the English systems at the end of our SSI.


Our SSI aims to respond to the cognitive, social and contextual needs of our students by supporting them over the three years in acquiring a personal, mature, autonomous and participatory study method.

Great importance is given to our getting to know the students and helping them to personalise their didactic paths so they can increasingly and actively be in charge of their learning experience.

Students are given the opportunity to test and develop their talents across a broadly based and academically stimulating curriculum that promotes intellectual, artistic, aesthetic, physical and social development.


Italian and English mother-tongue teachers work across the three classes, each of them working on specific learning areas: Italian, English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Latin, Religious Education, ICT, PSCHEE ​(Personal, Social, Citizenship, Health and Economic well-being and Education). French, Sport, Music, Art and DT (Design and Technology, including ICT) are also taught by specialist teachers.


Classroom teaching is enhanced by studying in workshops and Laboratories to enable and develop the sharing of knowledge and specific projects.


Those who join the school later are provided with all the necessary support to enable them to reach the same level as their peers within a couple of terms at the school.