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  • VR / NVR

    with Ms. Suzanne (in English) – KS2 & SSI only


    During VR/NVR club the children are invited to work individually on a variety of tasks which encourage them to apply knowledge and skills, predominantly relating to numeracy and literacy, to a wide collection of activities.

    The following list, while by no means
    exhaustive, gives an idea of some of the activities which may be covered:
    – identifying and completing patterns and sequences of numbers, letters and symbols
    – cracking codes
    – simple algebra
    – finding the antonym/synonym
    – grouping lists of words according to a given criteria
    – crosswords
    – ordering words and letters
    Each child will work at their own pace from a book of activities with teacher intervention when required.
    During each session their book will be checked for misconceptions so that these can be easily corrected.
    While VR/NVR can be of help in preparing for entrance examinations there are also many benefits in the
    form of developing and encouraging independence, concentration and logical thinking skills in relation to
    problem solving.

  • Puppetry

    with Mrs. Athena Maschi (in English)


    We are delighted to be able to continue to offer our popular Puppetry club this year. Here the children will not only be working with different kinds of puppets but also designing and producing their own with the guidance and support of expert puppeteers.

  • Video Making

    with Mr. Perrelli & Mr. Carlucci (in English & Italian)


    Following the success of last year’s Video Making Club, Mr. Perelli and Mr. Carlucci (freelance film makers, journalists and video
    producers) will continue to work with the children, in a fun and engaging manner, on how to approach the world of videos. The club is open to children who have already attended the club last year and to new children, each of them working at their pace and knowledge to produce their own video, exploring all the phases of a real production: production (i.e. ideas), actors, directors and post production (editing).

A considerable number of initiatives were introduced last year, enriching the educational experience of our students.

Christmas Concert

Whole school Performance

Individual Lessons Music Concert

Summer Music Concert

Whole School Art Exhibition

Sport Day

Our school choir took part in the ‘Barnardos Young Supporters Charity Concert’ at The Royal Albert Hall

Approximately 15 of our children have successfully completed their music examinations (awarded by The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music)

A series of inspirational educational visits to places such as:

London Zoo, Kew gardens, the Water and Steam museum, Science Museum, British Museum, Museum of Brands, Harry Potter Studios, National Gallery, Design Museum, National Maritime Museum, Kentish Town City Farm, Gillian Lynne Theatre to watch a performance of ‘School of Rock’ and the Italian Embassy where they met our new Italian Ambassadress and Ambassador

Several workshops, such as:

Inner Peace workshop – encouraging children and adults to achieve inner peace through play, music, visual arts and meditation

Native Scientist workshop – where international scientists and teachers came to promote science and language learning among our children. They came with some Italian researchers to talk to the children about their work and to show them some of the instruments they use in their laboratory

Anti-Radicalisation workshop

Law and Happiness workshop – led by Maria Moscati, a Professor at the University of Sussex, who is currently conducting research aimed at contributing to children’s rights discourse and the UNCRC (UN Convention on the Rights of the Child – 1989) investigating the manner in which English law and local policies take into consideration children’s happiness (if at all) and whether the meaning of happiness that the law and local policies embrace mirrors what children themselves perceive to be happiness

School Kindness workshop

The right to be yourself workshop – the children learnt about The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of every child included, with a special focus on the right of the child to preserve his or her identity, including sexual orientation and gender identity

Perform Dance and Dance workshops (x 2)

Mrs. Wordsmith workshop – presenting their engaging, enjoyable and entertaining approach to English language learning and vocabulary building

Pedestrian training and Scooter training

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