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The cultural path down which our students are invited to travel aims to educate them and to instil in them a passion for knowledge, to promote their individual interests and abilities and to encourage the development of self-discipline in an environment where freedom of thought and ideas can flourish.

Our SSI – Scuola Secondaria di I Grado – focuses on the student and their fundamental development as a person.


Based upon this premise we pursue the following educational goals:

Promoting mental and emotional well-being through a socio-affective education;
Offering the most appropriate tools for “learning to learn”, i.e. not, “simply transmitting simple content,” but “gaining a real method” so that the student becomes the protagonist in acquiring their knowledge;
Preserving and imparting culture, but also being encouraged to integrate and to innovate within it;
Developing each child’s socialisation, educating them within a democratic coexistence, founded on both dignity and equality;
Developing the creative potential of each student and their independent judgement, increasing their levels of responsibility and initiative as well as their knowledge and appreciation of diversity;
Promoting forms of individual, group and interdisciplinary work, enriching their ideas and behaviours to aid greater self-awareness, developing their ability to “read” reality from different angles, exceeding subjective bias;
Providing the most appropriate instrumentation for guiding the various choices available to them in terms of the course of their studies following the SSI.

Within this approach the SSI aims to support all students in their learning and personal development.