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We consider the Early Years as the fundamental starting point of the child’s education.

For this reason, we have taken special care to integrate the standards set by the Italian Ministry of Education with the strongest aspects of the British system.


Each class has two mother-tongue Class Teachers, one Italian and one English, supported by English and Italian mother-tongue Teaching Assistants.
Specialist teachers in Music, Art, Drama and P.E. also contribute to the teaching.


The English and Italian teachers work in parallel, with groups of children, on a common curriculum designed to cover the educational objectives of both the English and the Italian curriculum. This ensures the continuity of their learning for the children, whilst contributing to the development of their own bilingualism.


Each teacher has a classroom, and the children move between them alternating mornings and afternoons in the two classrooms, so that in one room they know only English is spoken, and in the other, only Italian.


This physical separation of the languages has been shown to assist and enhance the development of the children’s bilingual vocabulary. Children who join the school with just one language follow the same system, but are given one-to-one or small group support by the class assistants in the beginning.


Our EYFS school is organised into different educational areas, which nurture and enrich the children’s relationships with others and heighten their learning experience. These areas are specially designed with scientific, artistic and recreational materials to encourage play, spontaneity and the natural expression of each child.


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