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At SIAL.school we believe it is important to support our children and their parents in any way we can and that is why we offer wraparound childcare on site.
Find out more about our before and after school provision or discover our extra-curricular clubs below.



Examples of clubs we offer the children:

  • Music and Dance

    with Miss Merlica, in English.


    This term the children will be having lots of fun as they explore a wide variety of music and dance from around the world. They will be encouraged to move their bodies in an assortment of ways and to various rhythms and sounds. This will help further their use of the relevant English vocabulary as they will have to follow and give instructions to each other as well as to name the different body parts and the actions they perform.

  • Yoga

    with Miss Eleonora Fusari (in Italian).


    The Yoga Club will offer children a chance to learn and practise the basic yoga poses, which help reduce stress and increase flexibility and strength, spanning mind, body, and environment.

  • Food Explorers

    with Mrs. Raffaella Cappello (in English).


    Following on from last Term’s extremely popular Cooking Club we are delighted to offer another culinary based after school club this Term with the Food Explorers Club. Children will be introduced to the world of nutrition and healthy cooking. Each lesson will focus on food from a specific part of the world using a key ingredient from that country. They will be taught about the nutritional values of all the ingredients they are using and will also have their very own Food Explorers Club Passport which they will update after every club session. The club itself is run by a qualified nutritionist, Raffaella Cappello, who has an extensive background in nutrition and specifically children’s nutrition.

  • Motor-skill Activities and Handwriting

    with Maestra Serena (in Italian).


    Fine Motor Skills Club uses fun, multi-sensory approaches to develop coordination including crafts and games to teach skills and build good habits that will be useful for writing, cutting and other daily activities. This club aims to strengthen skills and confidence for handwriting and provide an opportunity for social interactions.

  • Ballet

    Ballet with Emilia Attianese (in Italian).


    Our ballet classes are directed by an Italian Ballet Teacher, Emilia Attianese, founder of the Ensemble Ballet Studio school situated in West London. Emilia teaches the basic foundations of classical ballet. Thanks to her comprehensive artistic education, Emilia explores, starting from the Nursery classes, the best rhythmical and musical components, which are essential in all dance studies, promoting important achievements like: a good posture, graceful and harmonic movements, knowledge and use of direction in space, the first coordination between arms and legs and also the use of the barre to learn the fundamental positions and elements of ballet.

  • Art club

    with Christabel Forbes (in English).


    This term, Art Club will be making jewellery! Starting from scratch, we will design, mold, paint and make our own jewellery inspired by designs across the world including African and South American. The children will be equipped with all materials and learn to work together as well as making their own beautiful creations which they will be able to take home at the end of the project.

ASC Autumn Term Table
3:00-4:00Music and Dance (Miss Merlica) in EnglishYoga (Mrs. Eleonora Fusari) in ItalianoFood Explorers (Mrs. Raffaella Cappello) in English Ballet (Emilia Attianese) in Italian max 8 children
3:00-4:00Motor-skill Activities and Handwriting (Maestra Serena) in ItalianArt Club (Christabel Forbes) in English max 10 children

A considerable number of initiatives were introduced last year, enriching the educational experience of our students.

Christmas Nativity

Christmas Concert

Easter Bonnet Parade

Whole school Performance

Summer Music Concert

Whole School Art Exhibition

Sport Day

A series of inspirational educational visits to places such as: London Zoo, Kew gardens, the Water and Steam museum, Science Museum, British Museum, Museum of Brands, Harry Potter Studios, National Gallery, Design Museum, National Maritime Museum, Kentish Town City Farm, Gillian Lynne Theatre to watch a performance of ‘School of Rock’ and the Italian Embassy where they met our new Italian Ambassadress and Ambassador

Several workshops, such as:

Inner Peace workshop – encouraging children and adults to achieve inner peace through play, music, visual arts and meditation

Native Scientist workshop – where international scientists and teachers came to promote science and language learning among our children. They came with some Italian researchers to talk to the children about their work and to show them some of the instruments they use in their laboratory

Anti-Radicalisation workshop

Law and Happiness workshop – led by Maria Moscati, a Professor at the University of Sussex, who is currently conducting research aimed at contributing to children’s rights discourse and the UNCRC (UN Convention on the Rights of the Child – 1989) investigating the manner in which English law and local policies take into consideration children’s happiness (if at all) and whether the meaning of happiness that the law and local policies embrace mirrors what children themselves perceive to be happiness

School Kindness workshop

The right to be yourself workshop – the children learnt about The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of every child included, with a special focus on the right of the child to preserve his or her identity, including sexual orientation and gender identity

Perform Dance and Dance workshops (x 2)

Mrs. Wordsmith workshop – presenting their engaging, enjoyable and entertaining approach to English language learning and vocabulary building

Pedestrian training and Scooter training

School Life