Comic Relief Workshop

Comic Relief Workshop


On Friday it was Comic Relief, which is a chance for children across the country to get creative and raise money for such a noteworthy cause. The charity has been ongoing for 34 years and is a big part of British culture and widely celebrated in schools.




Since it began in 1985, the charity has raised over £1 billion in aid for the poorest and most disadvantaged of people in the UK and communities worldwide. Red Nose Day is a great opportunity for schools to get together and raise money, in a fun, original and exciting way and at the same time impact countless lives. With that said, the children at SIAL couldn’t wait to get stuck in!


The day was broken down into 30 minute workshop sessions for each class, and with each student sporting a red outfit of their choice.


The activities included an arts and crafts workshop, where the children were shown a presentation about school life in Gambia and the up keep of one school in particular in the village of Mbollet-bah. Following this, the children had the chance to create and draw something related to Africa and this was then decorated using beads or coloured rice.





Here are some examples of the work the children produced during the workshops!




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